Mineral Merchants is a referral agency for producers/traders/end-users of raw mineral & metallurgical, and gas products


mission 1: to grow our trade houses’ exports 

mission 2: to acquaint the world with japan’s luxurious productions 

 Other functions:
marketing our clients’ trades & manufactures
Sourcing for Consumers & suppliers
Screening & Filtering prospective companies


Main Commodities:

– cobalt (Concentrate)
– Chrome (Lumps)
– Titanium (Alloy)


– LIQUefied Natural GAS (LNG)

– Since early 2019, we became more dedicated towards the mineral and energy sectors
A wise man named Sam once said: Better be master of one than jack of all
– By mid 2019 we started focusing on developing our kuwaiti business activities
– Since early 2020, we reintroduced japanese novelty products on our portfolio


Due to our concern for identity theft in the online world of commodity marketing, we avoid listing personal information; nonetheless, we are happy to share more information in person after the preliminary acquaintance

Contact us for more information whether you are a trading company, an end-user, or a professional brokerage firm